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About Shane

Shane has been engaged in deep Inner Transformation work for the past 25 years, studying primarily with Belinda Womack. Through Belinda's School of Spiritual Evolution, Shane has learned so much about transforming her own traumatic adolescence and loves to help pre-teens, teens, and adults to transform their adolescent experiences as well. It is her belief that by calling our energy back to us, and loving, accepting, & forgiving our past selves, we can change the global adolescent experience. When we (as adults) go back and transform our experiences, we then have the tools to teach our children and the whole adolescent experience can be transformed into a much higher vibration.  



Shane holds a BA in Linguistics, a BA in Spanish, and a MS in Education. She has studied and taught many subjects including Spanish, Italian, Japanese, French, AIkido, Capoeira, ballroom dance, bellydance, leadership, physical education, and more. She has worked as a teacher in private schools, boarding schools, and public schools, and that work has evolved into teaching both teens and adults how to thrive during their adolescence. Yes, even adults can go back in time and have a positive adolescent experience! Shane's calling on Schoolroom Earth is to help shift the global adolescent experience into one that is much more positive and at a much higher vibration. She lived in Sammamish, WA but recently moved to Kalispell, MT with her partner David, their cat Skywalker and puppy Lando.  

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