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Inner Teenager Mystical Adventures


Inner Teenager Mystical Adventures is a series of courses designed to help you communicate with your inner pre-teen and teenage selves, and to transform your challenging experiences into pure creative power and higher self-confidence.


This allows you to listen and truly hear what is ready to be transformed and healed, and to experience fun and adventure during the process!


Each class centers around different themes that you likely experienced as an adolescent, and teaches you how to use different kinds of energy and spiritual tools designed to help you transform those experiences in a super-fun way! 

By transforming all of those difficult and challenging experiences of your adolescence and reclaiming your creative power, self-expression, and self-esteem, you allow yourself to:


  • Access the incredible fearlessness of your inner teenager

  • know what you truly desire (and what you don’t desire)

  • operate from a place of Trust and Love

  • Access your amazing creative power

  • have more fun!

  • Be free of the harmful expectations from yourself and others

  • express your True Self!


Foundational Course

This course is the prerequisite for all of the other Inner Teenager Mystical Adventures, as well as for having a 1:1 session with Shane. In these Mystical Adventures, you will learn more about what it means to communicate with your Inner Teenager, as well as learning about many of the tools you can use to keep on adventuring! 

The Foundational Course includes 9 different audios with super-fun guided imageries for you to work with.

Subscribe and get the first class of the Foundational Course for free! 
Gender & Sexual Identity

Do you feel that it was never safe for you to really explore your gender or sexual identity when you were an adolescent? 

Did you feel like an imposter in your own body? 

Were you unsure or confused about how to express your gender and sexuality as a teen? 

Go on this Inner Teenager Mystical Adventure to recover the energy that is tied up in the past around these themes and heal from the harmful expectations of society, family, peers, and more. In these classes we will talk about rejection recovery, expectations of gender, and sexual identity and attraction.

This course includes 5 high-vibration audio classes with super-fun guided imageries.

Prerequisite: Foundational Course

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