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Individual Mystical Adventures


Private sessions with Shane will help you in communicating with your own inner superhero. She will help you to access your inner pre-teen or teenager and to remember just how amazing you truly are. She will hold safe space for you to truly forgive and heal the experiences that have your energy tied up in the past, and help you to transform them into your own amazingly vibrant creative power and higher self-esteem! These Individual Mystical Adventures will help you to see the past in a more positive light, see the Truth of what was going on at that moment, and forgive it all, freeing your energy that has been trapped there all this time.



The prerequisite for an Individual Mystical Adventure is the Foundational Course found here. The cost of an Individual Mystical Adventure session is $225 and is 60 minutes long. The sessions are conducted over Zoom and you will receive an audio recording of the session (if you would like it to be recorded) when it is finished. 

If after 15 minutes you feel that this is not for you, Shane will refund the full cost of your session. 

"My session with Shane was thoroughly enriching. With her guidance it was easy to dredge up difficult situations from my teenage years; she helped me reframe a number of those experiences that I previously associated only with shame and embarrassment in a far more positive and truthful light. Those teen life experiences have always gnawed at me and now they don't - I proudly re-integrate my "inner teenager" as part of myself every day. It feels great!"

Shem Guibbory - NY, NY

"Exploring my inner Teenager with Shane was a wonderfully enlightening and enjoyable experience! I highly recommend! Shane’s approach is very warm and caring, creating a safe and loving place for my inner teenager to fully express herself in her own teenage way and being fully accepted for that. Through the session I began to see consistent themes that play out in my life now. These were coming from mentally traumatic experiences I went through as a teenager. Shane helped me release those old themes in a lighthearted and easy way that my inner Teenager (and adult me) could have fun with.


Through Shane’s guidance, I was shown how much enjoyment there can be in life when that teenager is set free to do what her heart truly desires. For most of us, our teenage years are some of the most traumatic times in our lives and we bury those experiences to protect ourselves, until we deal with them they keep coming up throughout our lives. Shane did a beautiful job at guiding me through that, making me feel like my hand was being held the whole time. Thank you Shane! Xoxo"

Katy S. - Nashville, TN

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