Inner Teenager Mystical Adventures

Do you wonder what your life would have been like if you weren't bullied as a pre-teen or teenager?​
How would you be different if you weren't made fun of for your clothes, your voice, acne, or other circumstances that were out of your control?
What would your life look like now if you had all the loving support you needed from the adults in your life? 

Explore with me and set your Real and Incredible Self free! 

How can working with Shane help you?

- Discover your self-confidence and bravery

- Become your own bestie!

- Quickly develop healthier friendships and relationships

- Connect with that fiery light self who knows exactly what makes your heart sing!

- Let go of compromising your Truth and values

- Reconnect to the flowing fountain of your creative expression


"Exploring my inner Teenager with Shane was a wonderfully enlightening and enjoyable experience! I highly recommend! Shane’s approach is very warm and caring, creating a safe and loving place for my inner teenager to fully express herself in her own teenage way and being fully accepted for that. Through the session I began to see consistent themes that play out in my life now. These were coming from mentally traumatic experiences I went through as a teenager. Shane helped me release those old themes in a lighthearted and easy way that my inner Teenager (and adult me) could have fun with.


Through Shane’s guidance, I was shown how much enjoyment there can be in life when that teenager is set free to do what her heart truly desires. For most of us, our teenage years are some of the most traumatic times in our lives and we bury those experiences to protect ourselves, until we deal with them they keep coming up throughout our lives. Shane did a beautiful job at guiding me through that, making me feel like my hand was being held the whole time. Thank you Shane! Xoxo"


Katy, Nashville, TN

What and who is your Inner Teenager? 

Your Inner Teenager is composed of every adolescent self of this lifetime, and sometimes your past selves, all living within you. They are every action, behavior, and decision that you have made, every experience you've had, and every part of you that you remember with love, regret, pride, shame, and joy. Your Inner Teenager is the amazing, creative genius inside of you who knows how to have fun, what you love, and who you truly are!
As adolescents, we face so many messages telling us that we aren't good enough, that we must change who we are in order to fit in or to survive, and these moments and decisions leave lasting effects on us that echo throughout our adult lives. Working with your Inner Teenager and healing from all of those moments will help you to truly embrace your True, Authentic Self, know what makes you happy, have the strength to let go of that which makes you miserable, vastly increase your self confidence, and give you access to a magical multiverse of unlimited possibility! It also paves the way for you to help your own teenage children have a more joyful adolescence filled with wondrous self-discovery and open communication between you. 

Why work with your Inner Teenager? 

How does
it work? 

We all have those moments during our adolescence that when we look back on them, we feel embarrassment, shame, anger, fear, or even deep self-loathing. These intense emotions around those experiences are indications that they need to be heard and validated, forgiven and transformed. What can also happen in our adult lives is that our unresolved adolescent experiences or lessons can repeat, repeat, and repeat until they are also forgiven and healed. The first step is to ask "Where am I still feeling pain/anger/resentment/victimized from my adolescence?"

Your Inner Teenager will show you the way and Shane's Inner Teenager has a whole slew of awesome mystical tools to help you! Book a session with Shane to help you to forgive and let go, and call all of your energy back to you that has been tied up for so very long!
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"Shane is a gifted teacher and healer.  When you are in her sweet presence, you feel nurtured, safe, and unconditionally accepted.  I didn't realize how much hurt I was still holding onto from my teen years.  Because of her calm and loving nature, I felt totally at ease unburying these painful adolescent memories and releasing them with her support.  Thank you, Shane!"

--Lisa Johnson of 

1:1 Inner Teenager Sessions with Shane

Do you still hold on to anger from challenging situations you experienced as an adolescent?

Are you sometimes reminded of people and situations from your adolescence in a negative way while you are living your adult life? 

Do you feel like you have unresolved or unfinished stories that stem from your pre-teen or teenage years? 

Experience the deep healing of an Inner Teenager Session
Open up to your past selves and truly heal, forgive, and embrace your Inner Teenager. Experience the delight of knowing and being your truest self and understand that you are the best self that you can be. Feel supported and loved as you forgive the past and all those involved, even when it feels unforgivable. 

My session with Shane was thoroughly enriching.  With her guidance it was easy to dredge up difficult situations from my teenage years; she helped me reframe a number of those experiences that I previously associated only with shame and embarrassment in a far more positive and truthful light. Those teen life experiences have always gnawed at me and now they don't - I proudly re-integrate my "inner teenager” as part of myself, every day. It feels great! 


Shem Guibbory, NY NY