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Did you experience self-harming thoughts or actions as a teenager or a pre-teen?

Did you get to do what you really wanted to do as a teen?


Have you lost touch with that passionate and colorful self who knows exactly what they want and how they wish to express themself? 

Our teenage selves are these colorful, constantly moving, shapes of volatile and passionate energy. Each bit of energy is exploring what size and shape to be, which combination of colors they love the most, and how they see themselves in the world. Your inner teenage self knows what ignites your creative passion, what excites you, and what makes you totally want to hurl. Connecting with this awesome and truthful inner self is an incredible barometer and and gives you access to an incredible hero! 

While teens are exploring all of this and trying to find and express their true self, they are desperately trying to fit in, and be accepted and acknowledged by their peers and the adults in their lives. 

Accessing, exploring, and expanding your inner teenager self (this part of your life), and healing what needs to be healed can change absolutely *everything* for the better. The ripple effect of this healing is immeasurable!

Are you ready to receive the attention and acknowledgement that your own inner teenager craves and do do that in a way where you feel both mature (as the adult you are) and immortal (as the teenager inside) at the same time?

Shane offers 1:1 sessions and an 8-week course designed to help you access your inner teenager and transform the fear, insecurity, and uncertainty of that time in your life into REAL personal power, clear direction, and focus! 

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