Teen-Parent Communication Facilitation

Are you worried for your teen, but when you try to talk to them it comes out all wrong? 

Are you having trouble getting your teenager to listen? 

Do you wish to have a more balanced and harmonious relationship with your teenager? 

Sign up for Teen-Parent Communication Facilitation with Shane and learn how to truly hear and communicate with your teenage child in a way that works for all concerned. 

What does Teen-Parent Communication Facilitation look like?

During a session, Shane will first listen to adults/parents and then their teenage child, hearing what it is they desire to communicate and what they think is preventing clear communication.


(Shane speaks fluent teenager as well as adult so she will take a minute to explain the translation in a way that all can understand.)


She will teach your teenager some spiritual energy tools to help them thrive during their adolescence and understand their own communication better. After working with your teenager for a little bit, Shane will help you to see and learn what your teen is reflecting back to you, and teach you how to heal the old wounds that have surfaced in order to improve the relationship you have with your teenage child. In doing this work, you also gain the ability to communicate with your teen in an open and transformative way.


Through Teen-Parent Communication Facilitation, you will also likely experience:

-- Feeling validated, heard, and accepted

-- Clearing of hold hurts you didn't realize were choreographing your experiences as an adult

-- Becoming friends with your own teenage self


The cost of a Teen-Parent Communication Facilitation session is $225 and is 60 minutes long. The sessions are conducted over Zoom and you will receive an audio recording of the session when it is finished.

If after 15 minutes you feel that this is not for you, Shane will refund the full cost of your session. 

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