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Teen-Parent Communication Facilitation

Do you wish to have a more balanced and harmonious relationship with your teenager? 

Are you having trouble understanding your teenager or does communication just feel downright impossible? 

Teen-Parent Communication Facilitation

After working with parents and adolescents for over 17 years as an educator, Shane realized she can truly help parents and their adolescent children to improve their communication, relationships, and family joy by working with them 1:1. It is her joy and honor to help teens (or pre-teens) and their parents understand each other with more compassion and empathy. 


Shane has found throughout her work as an educator and her own constant self-work that there is always an underlying reason for the challenges and behaviors that adults experience with their teen and pre-teen charges. Oftentimes this can be attributed to underlying fears or unresolved experiences. 

Shane is able to see and hear what is actually going on beneath the surface and guide parents and their children to understand themselves, heal the hurts and traumas, and improve relationships and communication.  

What happens during a session?

Shane establishes an incredibly safe space where parents and teens (or pre-teens) feel supported and heard while exploring the frustrations and the impossible situations the feel they are in. She works with both teens and parents separately and helps parents to see how their teen is reflecting unresolved stories and help them to heal. This helps both the parent(s) and the teen to understand one another in a different way, allowing new and creative solutions to present themselves so that all parties are satisfied with the result. 


Working with teens means that Shane speaks fluent teenager and is able to help them to understand what it is they are experiencing, and to identify what their needs are around any particular situation. Her unique gift of connecting with adolescents allows her to really understand what they are feeling and going through, and what they need in order to lovingly overcome their challenges and come out of them happier and thriving. 


As an educator (and former boarding school house parent to 11 adolescents), Shane is also able to understand where parents are coming from and interpret their frustrations and challenges as well as help them understand what their kid(s) are going through. She also helps parents to interpret what might be coming up for them from their own adolescent past as this is often what their teenage children are reflecting for them like a mirror. 

Are you ready to feel relief from all of the tension that has been shadowing over the relationship you have with your adolescent child? 


Are you ready for greater understanding and communication between you and your teen?


Are you ready to hear your teen’s needs in a clear way so that you can understand and respond in the best way possible? 

Book a Teen-Parent Communication Facilitation Session and finally have room to breathe!


The cost of a Teen-Parent Communication Facilitation session is $333 and is 60 minutes long. Shane uses Zoom or FaceTime for your session. 

If after 15 minutes you feel that this is not for you, Shane will refund the full cost of your session. 

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