Spanish with Shane!

Work with Shane online between September and June in a weekly session to improve your Spanish from the comfort of your own home, or on the go! Our sessions are designed to mirror the curriculum you are currently studying (no matter the curriculum), and will include extra practice activities to help you really solidify your skills. We will focus on listening comprehension, speaking, reading comprehension, and writing to varying degrees depending on what you require. Each session is 50 minutes long and also includes a detailed summary of what we covered, and recommended steps to improve your understanding and command of Spanish. Students will also learn self-advocation skills, how to decode what the teacher is saying and asking for on tests and homework, and to understand how the student's brain works with learning a language. Every brain is unique! All sessions include access to my Podia classroom library for their school's curriculum where they can find helpful grammar explanations in English.

Choose between 1:1 sessions or group sessions. Group sessions additionally offer students the opportunity to 
practice their Spanish in a risk-free environment (free of judgment from peers) that is safe and comfortable. The small group size guarantees they will get the support they need while feeling less anxious and gradually gaining confidence so they can speak up in class and participate more. This also helps students to realize that they are not alone and that they actually *can* do it! Sign up for an existing session, or create one of your own with friends! 

Individual Tuition

1 session per week: $350 per month

As-Needed Sessions

25 minute session: $65 per session

50 minute session: $125 per session

Group Tuition

1 session per week: $225 per month

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Diana P. 

My daughter has been working with Shane for Spanish 2 helps and her grade has gone up in just a few short weeks. Shane is very thorough and professional. She provides great lesson recaps to both my daughter and myself (so I can see what they have been working on). She ends each session with study guides, so my daughter knows what to focus on for improvement. She makes billing quick and easy, and I highly recommend her if your student needs some extra help!

Rita & Andy L

Shane is knowledgeable, funny, and energetic. Our kids are having lots of fun learning Spanish!

Marea G. 

Shane works extremely well with students and develops a great rapport with them. Her expertise as a language teacher (especially Spanish) cannot be matched. In addition, she is extremely reliable. 


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